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Since 1978 the Law office has filed Bankruptcy Petitions in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland Divisions).  We analyze your financial situation to determine your best course of action, be it bankruptcy or through negotiations or workout plans with creditors. This Law Office is dedicated,  professional and well-versed in many specialized areas of Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Collections, Estates, Trust and Probate. We will not advocate for you in an area within which we are not experienced. We have the knowhow, experience and knowledge to represent you in our legal areas.

The Law Offices of Jackson Morris offers free initial consultations.

Our Services Include:

  • Chapter 7 Straight Bankruptcy - Get a Fresh Start while saving your assets in most cases, stop wage-garnishment, Stop Bank Account Levy, Discharge Unsecured Debts...keep your car.
  • Chapter 13 Plan-Type Bankruptcy - Stop Foreclosure by arranging to pay the arrears in a Plan.  Stop Repossession of your car, Protect Co-signers. Pay your creditors according to priorities over 3 to 5 years ... depending on your income.
  • Chapter 11 Small Business/Personal Bankruptcy - When the creditors are at your doorstep and time is running out for your business.  Offer a federally approved plan to pay your creditors.
  • Estate Planning for Small and Medium Estates  -  Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, Revocable Intervolves trust, Trust Administration, Real Estate. Plan your future and protect your loved ones, Avoid the expense of Probate and accomplish important Estate Tax Planning.
  • Probate and Decedent Estate Administration - When a loved one passes on, contact us to start the process for handling the financial affairs of the deceased.

The Law Offices of Jackson A Morris III * Experience you can trust



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